Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Lorinda,

The weather is absolutely marvelous up here!! Today we are at 64, which I believe is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. I found an amazing park that I'm thinking of taking Judson too after he wakes up from his nap. I can't decide if I should though, because it's about 30 minutes away, and we'd be coming back in the middle of rush our traffic. Decisions, decisions.

The root beer sandwiches didn't turn out too well. Only because it was fast Sunday, and I didn't start making it soon enough. So by the time we were super hungry, the meat still wasn't tender enough, but I shredded and added the sauce anyways so we could eat sooner. I might try it again, but I think they taste plenty of good enough with out cooking in root beer.

I so wish you could come visit me again! I have been in the mood these past 2 days to be out every minute I can looking for good deals on home decor. I wish you could be here to go with me. If I can give you my $100 travel voucher from United, do you think you could do it? I'm desperate to get you up here again so we can do all the things we didn't have time for last time!

I LOVE your framed post cards! It also makes me want to get out and search for more. Maybe I need to make antiquing a profession so I don't feel guilty about doing it so much.

JT should be waking up soon, so I should be going to get a few more things done while I have the freedom to. We are holding our book club meeting here tomorrow so I have lots of cleaning to do!


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