Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Ani,

I did it. I got my hair cut. I like it for sure, whether it's right for me, I haven't decided yet. Do you know what my big hang up is? My age. When one is youthful almost anything goes (in my mind, anyways) but as I've gotten older it's more about fitting my age and old wrinkly (and fat) face. Which STINKS!

I finished A Girl Named Zippy last night. It was sure a fun book. It took a while to read because life's been so... bizarre, but it's been a fun little outlet amongst stress. I laughed out loud at several points and had to read several parts to Gary. (who didn't laugh out loud, just so you know) I kept saying, "This book is so funny." And Gary would say, "I know you think so, you keep saying." One of my favorite parts was when her high school siblings were fighting over the bathroom and the brother just lost it, ripped the door off the hinges and smacked his sister across the face, did his thing and left for school and then the mom said to Zippy , "I'd have slapped her, too. I would have had to ask someone else to rip the door off the hinges, but then I would have slapped her." hahaha!! Now, I am sure this may offend some, and I certainly don't condone a brother smacking his sisters face, but I definitely get that sometimes it's asked for! And I totally get a momma calling it as it is! I appreciate it, even.

Thanks again for getting me the book for my birthday. Great recommendation. Great gift. :)

Can I visit again with a $100 voucher? Are the ticket $125 round trip? :) I might could pull together $25.

So, with my new hair cut I have bangs which are already DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! It's so hard to get used to constant tickling of the face.

I have a church meeting in Savannah tonight (and tomorrow night, actually) and Nolan will be home and in charge tonight (Gary is in W'boro with Wes and his momma) so I need to pull something together for dinner.

Much Love,

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