Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Lorinda,

This week has gone by so fast, it's left me in the dust. According to my calculations, it should be Tuesday. But I know that it is, in fact, Thursday. My mind is blown by that fact!

Remember when I told you about me planting bulbs back in October or November? Well I am excited to report that soon I will have some beautiful flowers! I only wish we'd planted more. I only got 6 done because of how hard it is to dig in our "dirt". It's more clay than dirt. Jud was supposed to plant the rest but was just to busy to get it done. Unfortunately I'm only seeing 5 sprouts, but maybe the 6th one is just a late bloomer. I'm still super excited about it though.

I must say that I don't typically care to read books more than once either. I'm that way about movies too. But A Girl Named Zippy was so good and as you've quoted parts of it I realize that I've already forgotten all of those funny parts. So I need to read it again and enjoy it again.

Tonight I'm going with my friend to the "exclusive" antique sale I was telling you about. It will be going on all weekend, but tonight they open the doors for a limited time to let some people in for some early buying. I'm excited and hope to find some great stuff.

I was going to go grocery shopping last night after Jud got home from work. We were desperate for some things. But unfortunately, he didn't get home until 8:30 and by that point I didn't want to go out. That meant I HAD to go out this morning or else there would have been no food for little JT's lunch. I was so proud of myself because we were out of the door by 9:20. That is no small feat for us. Unfortunately, while I was at the store I realized that in my rush to get us out the door, I'd forgotten to eat breakfast! Don't worry, I did feed little JT. I just usually eat after him. I was starving! And as you know, grocery shopping while hungry isn't a good idea. Luckily, I only made one unnecessary purchase.

I have so much to get done today, I must be going. Dishes, laundry, vacuuming. Does it ever end? (Don't tell me!)


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