Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Ani,

How exciting about your bulbs! I see the signs of spring everywhere! How exciting! But Gary is being a tad bit grumpy about it. It's so bizarre, he's usually excited about spring. But anyways, spring is a'comin! Hip hurray! When I look out the window I see popcorn popping on a tree (but it's not an apricot tree) and I've seen flowers beginning to bloom. We've bought some blueberry plants that I can't wait to get planted. I also REALLY want to plant strawberries and we must plant some tomatoes. Have you seen the prices of those bad boys? Goodness gracious!!

Sorry I cut our phone conversation short today. It has been a bit busy getting ready for the camp-out I am attending today. I am appreciating these few minutes to sit down. Gary's left to get the little girls from school and then I'll have to spend a little time with them before I go. Rae is excited about this camp out. She loves this sort of thing. She's such a good sport.

What was the one unnecessary purchase you bought while shopping hungry? I went shopping yesterday very well fed and I came home with two unnecessary purchases. Two cartons of ice cream. One flavor was Moon Pie and I just gave it a try and it was very delish!

I best get going! Have a great weekend!


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