Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Ani,

It sounds like you had a fun and exciting weekend. You asked about mine, but I can't even remember it. So I reckon I didn't have as much fun as you did, eh?

My last couple of days have been interesting though. Rae has a friend in Hilton Head that she spends a few days with every break they get in school and another family friend of ours said the next time Rae stays with her friends to please bring Naomi so she can stay with her daughter that is Naomi's age. And that was this Sunday. So Naomi and Rae have been gone since Sunday. I've known for a while the difference it makes to have a child away from home, it changes everything. Now I see the difference of having two away from home. And I really don't like it. And yet, it's been just me and Zoe for the girls and that's been fun. I keep asking her if she misses her sister and she doesn't hesistate to give me a "nope".

I like your idea of Monday Night Breakfast, I've even thought of it, we even often have a breakfast for dinner on Monday. BUT we always (almost always) have dessert on Monday for Family Night and dessert after something bready like French Toast doesn't seem right. Although dessert after omelettes do. Is that weird? But I know it doesn't have to be Monday. But it's just been a part of my thought process.

Right now I am reading The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh. I love his description of the main character. I think I've discovered that it how one can know if someone is a good writer, in their description of people. I must share-

His name meant Prince, but he was anything but princely in appearance, with his oil-splashed vest, his untidily knotted longyi and his bare feet with their thick slippers of callused skin. When people asked how old he was he said fifteen, or sometimes eighteen or nineteen, for it gave him a sense of strength and power to be able to exaggerate so wildly, to pass himself off as grown and strong, in body and judgement, when he was, in fact, not much more than a child. Be he could have said he was twenty and people would still have believed him, for he was a big, burly boy, taller and broader in shoulder than many men. And because he was very dark it was hard to tell that his chin was as smooth as the palms of his hands, innocent of all but the faintest trace of fuzz.

Well I just got the call to meet up with my friend to pick up Naomi. I don't get Rae until tomorrow, and I always meet up with that friend at the movie theater. Isnt't hat fun, her trip always ends with our families meeting for a movie. This time Rae and her friend and I will watch The Last Song while Naomi, Zoe and my friend and her son will watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Nolan, I am not sure about it, if he's coming, and if so, what he'll watch, because neither one is his kind of movie. Although I think he'd get a kick out of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Anyways, gotsta run! :)


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