Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Ani,

I miss your letters. I was hoping that while you were in South Carolina and I was stuck in Georgia, that you'd still have the chance to write. But I understand that it's hard to do when you aren't at home.

It was great seeing you, even though it wasn't near enough. It was a crazy week, wasn't it?

Wes is suppose to be coming home today from the hospital. I didn't expect the recovery from having his appendix removed to be this slow. He sure has tough luck with that sort of thing.

It's Zoe's birthday and her wish is to have him home to celebrate with her. As the day grows later, I worry that he won't be getting home until evening, putting her birthday celebration late. I don't know if she could handle waiting for presents and cake! But I am sure she will if she must.

I enjoyed my time with you and baby JT (and I am jealous that he seemed to love Auntie Elayna more than me!). I can't believe I never got to see your husband. I hope he didn't miss me too much. :) I think the day me, you, mom and Elayna went antiquing and to lunch was THE BEST! I had so much fun that day. And I love our post card finds. You've often told me of post cards you've found in antique shops, and that's something I've always walked past, but I don't think I will any more. I already have my three that look like a set in a frame. I'll have to send you a picture, they look great! I love them!

Hope all is well and you'll have time to write soon.

Much love,

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