Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Ani,

Sorry to be sending piggy back letters but... I must share.

This morning Zoe claimed to be sick. I detected faking from the beginning. I gave her medicine for what she claimed to be suffering from (dizziness at the time) and took Naomi to school. Then I questioned Zoe until I was sure she was faking it. She never admitted to that, but she did break down and talked to me about having problems in school with 'everyone hating her.' Saddest thing EVER.

Zoe's speech and reading problems have caught up to her, I believe.

Kids in younger grades don't seem to notice or care. By 3rd grade they've discovered mean. And it breaks my heart!

Knowing what to do is always the toughest. They do need to learn to stand up for themselves and to not believe what mean liars say, etc. At the same time, I often feel like if I don't stand up and protect her, nobody else will!

She and I talked, then she seemed to feel better (in every way) and I took her to school an hour late. As we were saying our goodbyes she asked me to come have lunch with her. I told her it was a bad day for that (and it was a bad day for her to stay home sick, period) but that I would try. I told her to not expect me to come and be surprised if I did.

I have SO much to get done, and this was to be my last day home alone to get things done, for a week. I can't ever get anything done on Gary's week off.

Sure enough I forgot the second I drove away (I am awful) and sure enough she got sick at lunch. Or.... "sick". She claimed it was her stomach this time and she can pull off a little girl sick to her stomach like nobodies business. I mean, REALLY, I'll have to see if I can get her to show you when you come! So she fulled the nurse and almost, sort of, fooled me when I went to get her.

As soon as I got her home, she started finishing off her pile of Valentine candy.

Oh boy.

Thanks for listening,

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