Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Lorinda,

I have come down with a bad case of cabin fever. And it unfortunately won't be getting any better, as it is supposed to snow another 10-20 inches today and tomorrow. The weather(wo)men have been off on their predictions this winter though. Off as in underestimating how many inches of snow there would be with each snowstorm. Because of that I'm worried it will be more like 25-30 inches. Apparently the 30 inches of snow we got this past weekend just wasn't enough.

This morning little JT and I were planning to go to a neighbors house for a play date with some of the other neighbors with little ones. Then we ended up having it at our house instead. That means that since I got home Friday at 12:30 from lunch with a friend, I haven't left my yard. Thus the very bad case of cabin fever.

The good news is that in a week and a day little JT and I will be leaving for South Carolina. It couldn't come a moment too soon! With all of this snow, I just can't wait to get out of here. I just have to cross my fingers that snow doesn't come next Wednesday and cancel our flight!

I just cannot believe you are almost 40! Trust me when I say that you act way more like an 18 year old than you do an almost 40 year old. And if you told people you are 35, I bet they wouldn't question it. So maybe that's what you should do.

Pray that we survive this next snow storm!


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