Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Ani,

I hadn't thought of you getting snowed in and not able to come for your visit when planned. Eeek! I don't like that thought! That would be awful. I am worried that we won't see each other enough, on your visit. There is so much going on here with Rae's 16th birthday and all. I hope you can come stay here a day or two, and I'll try to get to South Carolina as much as I can but I am worried.

I just finished writing my love story and I am slightly embarrassed to admit that as I was finishing it up today, I got choked up. After all these years, when I think about how I almost blew it with Gary (and I really almost did!) I just get sick. I can't imagine not having my Gary. I know that there isn't suppose to be that one guy, that one true love, but I sometimes think that he really is for me.

Am I being too mooshy? Sorry. It's that time of year. :) Have I ever told you that I love love? I could shout it from the rooftops!! I LOVE LOVE!!!

You are so kind to say that I could pass as 35. I look in the mirror and think I could pass as 45!

I am really really worried about how often we'll be able to get together! Why do you have to so flippin' far away! It's so hard (and no fun) having to cram as much as we can into such a short time all the while keeping up with my 5 kids.

Yesterday I suddenly came up with a thought to go to South Carolina for my birthday. The kids have a short day tomorrow and no school Friday or Monday, so this morning I even had the thought of them missing school tomorrow and leaving tonight. Of course, I haven't run any of this by the kids (who may have tests tomorrow) or Gary. But I have ants in my pants and feel the urge to go. Move. Do.

Woops, Gary just got up and seems to have the same issue (ants in pants), looks like he wants to get things done, so I better get ready for the day so that I may accomplish with him!

Much love,

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