Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Ani,

Last I talked with you (last night on the phone) I was sick. I am happy to report that I am feeling better!! Hallelujah! I think it was around 4 AM that I woke up to switch sleeping positions and my whole body wasn't aching and I thought, "yes!" and went back to sleep. But I did wake up to my kids having taken advantage of my being in bed the night before. Even after a stern talking to by their daddy before he left to work the graveyard shift, they did a pretty poor job on their chores. How very frustrating.

There is a lot of heart ache in A Thousand Splendid Suns, but the trials the main character goes through are similar to the heart ache Sarah from These is my Words goes through. For me to enjoy a book, even with trials and pain, the story must redeem itself, then it's all worth. When a story doesn't redeems it's self i.e., The Lovely Bones and The Great Gatsby and The Road, then I don't even like it and could never recommend it.

As far as Twilight goes, I wish you had read it when I first told you about it, which was before the hype, if I remember correctly. I don't know how you haven't read it to see for yourself to see what every one's talking about. I don't know how the curiosity hasn't gotten the best of you. But again, it would have been fun for you to read it so you and I could discuss it. Even if to make fun of it.

I am 56 pages into The Blind Side (I was too sick yesterday to read) and it has finally gotten to the main character. The first 2 chapters was pure football; the history of football, how much money this player and that signed on to make... boring stats. Oy. I am a dialogue girl and I needed some dialogue! But alas it has begun. Thank goodness!

I told you that I need to make a big cookie for a church Camp Kickoff get together tonight. I still don't know if I am making sugar or chocolate chip, I am waiting to hear what fruit goes with it. I hope I get this right the first time, I've never made a pizza sized cookie and I reckon the baking time will be the
difference from regular cookies.

I have one more week of living as a woman in her 30's. Ohmy. There are no words for how I feel about that!

I must clean the kitchen for some baking!


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