Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Ani-

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits, having recovered from a snowy weekend, and drier than I am. It is cold and rainy, and is suppose to rain all day. And again Thursday and Friday. You have had so much snow and we have had so much rain. It's hard to imagine that not so far in the distant past, we were in a drought. Now I am thinking we need to sell my van and buy a boat.

I finished reading These is my Words on Sunday. I don't know how much you loved that book to know if I loved it as much, but I most definitely loved it a lot! It is a page turner, to be sure. It's hard to put down. I loved the characters so much I wanted to know what's happening next. Ahhhh, I loved it. I kept thinking, "this could be a movie" and then read at the back of the book that someone bought the rights to make it a movie and then it never happened. I hope it happens eventually.

When we talked the other day I mentioned A Thousand Splendid Suns and you pretty quickly stated that you will not be reading that book. (that I love so very very much) I had thought that you didn't want to read it because you liked only books that were upbeat and uplifting. So I was surprised to read These is my Words, knowing you loved it so, and seeing the heart ache and trials and such which was not at all different from A Thousand Splendid Suns. Maybe this is the part where I confess that it hurts my feelings a bit that you have turned down any book that I've recommended. I am not sure what to make of it and I am a bit jealous of your book club who gets you to read a book of their choosing when I haven't had success in sharing books with you. One of my all time favorite things to do is share books (I just bought The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society just so I could share it), and I have many friends here in town that have told me they've loved every book that I have recommended to them (and I don't just recommend any old book- I read plenty that I know not to share so I don't, or I know who I should lend what books to whom, knowing their different tastes). One friend even keeps doing these nice things for me (even tailoring school uniforms once) and won't let me pay her back because she could never pay me back for all of the great books I've shared with her (although she's the first one that told me about These is my Words, so she has shared great books too). So I wonder why you don't trust my judgement in books? I so wish you would. I would love to have discussions about books with you. Even if you hated it. Even if after a few you decided what I suggest isn't what you like. But I wish you'd try first. A Thousand Splendid Suns is at mom's house right now. I would love it if you would just read a few chapters while there to give it a chance before deciding it's something you won't read. I just really really wish you'd give it a chance, for me.

Speaking of books, after finishing These is my Words I decided to take a few days to ponder on it, to let it settle in my mind. Do you ever have to do that? Usually only after an awesome book do I feel that need. But then last night, I couldn't resist and picked up The Blind Side. And proceeded to read 27 pages of pure football. To be more specific, 80's football and the Joe Theismann's leg break that ruined his career, except it was more about Lawrence Taylor, the leg breaker. I am certain that in the end, the main character in The Blind Side will somehow be compared to Lawrence Taylor (or something) and it will all make sense but I couldn't believe I just read 27 pages of nothing but football. Football is like another language to me. As in, I hardly think I understood any of it, except the leg breaking part that all of the chapter was building up to and finally came on page 26 and 27.

Gary is pacing the floor so I must go. Our pipes are clogged once again, and we are trying to decide once again, if we must pay $200 for a professional to come fix it or if there is a way we could do it for cheaper. We always end up paying the professional, even if we've spent money on trying to do it cheaper, which ends up NOT being cheaper. But I better go try to help solve this problem with my husband.

Much love,

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