Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Ani,

Well my dear sister, from your last letter, where you mention staying in pajamas for two days in a row, I would say you weren't kidding. You have been hibernating!! You haven't forgotten to fatten up first though, have you? It feels as though I started hibernating Sunday, but the difference between you and I is, I don't want to! Naomi woke up sick. Or "sick". I can't decide which. So I stayed home and stayed put all day. I don't much enjoy missing church though so it was a big bummer to me.

I think I shared with you before about this awesome find at our local thrift store- A little matching dresser and shelf that we purchased for an awesome deal to use as side tables to our bed. Because I am Lorinda and this is how I do things (not intentionally) I bought some paint and got Gary to working, only to decide after the shelf was done that I didn't like the paint choice. Then Gary said, "You can do the rest then" in a bit of frustration. That's how he does things when I do my things. So I did. And I LOVE it!! I put them both in place last night and I have to say, I almost cried. Especially because of my little dresser side table, with the knobs and all, it's just... so awesome! Now before you think I am too puffed up in pride, please know that I am aware that I did not build the dresser, I only painted it, and without builders, I am nothing, I know this. But really, my (second) choice of paint fits the dresser beautifully and my room beautifully and if one can love a little dresser, then I do! But two little side tables have caused quite a stir on the decor in my room, moving more than just what was there and what's there now, and I just eat that sort of stuff up.

On a sadder note, I turn 40 in less than a month.

Now that I am all depressed thinking about that, I must go.

Depressingly old but still yours,

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