Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

Well it's about time I hear from you! I know you are busy and all, but it would only take a couple of minutes to write me just to let me know you are alive and surviving the Christmas craziness!

I unfortunately have no good news for you as far as the hot chocolate cupcakes are concerned. I've looked for the recipe, but to no avail. Nary a recipe for them has been found. I do hope you have better luck in finding it. After you mentioned it, I was reminded of just how delicious they are, and I would love to sink my teeth into a couple of them!

I do believe I have completed my Christmas shopping. Jud and I dined out Friday night, and after we were done, he took little JT home, while I headed out to finish up my shopping. Although, there is still a part of me that wants to get little JT a slide, I'm not sure that we will.

How sad to be reminded yet again that I will not be there for your annual Christmas Eve party. Just the other day I was remembering how fun it was when we did the snowman melting contest! I can't wait to hear about the fun contest you are planning for this year. However, I'm not sure if my heart can take it. It's already broken thinking about not being there this year and possibly next year too!

Good luck with the last 5% of your Christmas shopping. I hope to hear from you sooner this time!


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