Friday, December 11, 2009

Dea Ani,

I hope you are well and feeling the Christmas Spirit! I am also hoping Santa brings little JT a slide, even if you won't. I think he needs one and let's be for real, he's been a very good boy this year, so he probably deserves one.

Did you see that mom had the Hot Chocolate Cupcake recipe?? What a relief!

For the most part, my wrapping is complete. Next large task is baking for neighbors. Actually, I will not be baking per say, but candy making, which requires no baking whatsoever. Oh wait, I do bake some almonds to get them nice and toasty... but you know what I mean. But it's about a 2 day event. Maybe even three if I consider the containers I need to make.

I didn't know that you already were thinking you all wouldn't be here next Christmas. Do tell. I had no idea. As a matter of fact, I was expecting you would, which was making your not being here this year seem endurable.

Last night Naomi had a Christmas Concert at the airport and tomorrow she has her last Christmas Concert at a nursing home and then that will be done for this year. It was fun to see the people who were traveling and their reaction. Some completely ignored the Chorus and acted as though they didn't just walk past 30 children singing their little hearts out, some stopped for a bit with huge smiles on their faces. Both extremes. My favorite will be tomorrow. I love the elderly. I have a feeling they will be much more appreciative than the busy travelers were.

Well I am off the buy one more Christmas gift request for Zoe. A skateboard. Who knew??

Love to you all,
Lo to the Rin to the DUH

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