Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

Good news! We let Santa know that little JT would like a slide for Christmas, and he agreed it would be a great gift. So it looks like little JT will be getting a slide after all. How great is that? One of the most difficult parts about Christmas is having to wait to give everyone their gifts. I just can't wait to give JT all of his presents and for him to get his slide. It will be so fun watching him play with his new toys!

Tomorrow I have an activity with some of the young girls from church. I am planning a Christmas party with Christmas games, and their moms are going to come and play, too. And can you believe that I'm all ready for it? I already have everything ready for the games! I'm never prepared so early. All I have to do is get some food ready and then I'll be completely done. It feels so good to be prepared already so I'm not as stressed out about it.

Saturday night Jud and I went on a date. Unfortunately when we left this time, little JT cried for a while. But we had fun on our date. We went to tour an old house in the area. They do a special tour during the Christmas season where the tour guides are in character for the time in which one of the governors of Virginia used to live there. The house was massive and amazing. Unfortunately we didn't get to see very much of it because they are doing a lot of renovations. I'm not sure when they'll be done, but I'd love to go back when they are so that I can see more of the house. After the tour we went to dinner, then we did a little shopping. I bought some books for JT and one of them is most definitely my new favorite. I will have to read it to you some time.

Little JT is not in a very good mood today, so I should be going so I can try again to cheer him up. I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I can't wait to hear about it. Love to you and your family!


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