Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Ani-

Do you feel what I feel? Do you feel the Christmas Spirit? Yesterday Gary and I were out shopping (and I lost him, but I'll get back to that) and he asked me if I felt the Christmas Spirit in the mall. Heavens no, I said. He was surprised. I told him that the other night when we had the lights off in the house, save for the twinkling Christmas lights, and we were singing Christmas carols, that is when I feel the Christmas Spirit. Shopping is when I feel void of anything warm and fuzzy, that's when I feel stress.

But it's true, I did lose Gary. His cell phone is broken and we are quite use to getting separated while shopping but finding one another quite easily thanks to our cell phones. Well, one minuted my arm was linked in his arm and the next minute he was MIA. My first thought was, 'isn't he thinking about not having a phone, when he wonders off?' Obviously not, but my goodness. We were in outdoor store for all your hunting, fishing and camping needs, so it's no wonder he got distracted. What made it all so difficult is the store is HUGE, two stories and all. So my first thought was to stay put, that's what I was taught growing up, if you get lost, stay where you are. But was he taught that? Will be know to come back to where we last saw each other? (let me call him and ask....nope, can't do that) So I stay for a while, give up and go walking around the story. Do you realize how many bald men there are that shop at such places? I wouldn't figure you would, unless you were seeking out bald heads, but they were everywhere. And Gary was wearing a red sweater, do you know how many people wear red this time a year? So you guess it, millions of bald men wearing red sweaters were at that store yesterday. No exaggeration, millions! Then I notice a man that works for the store is at the bottom of the escalator, he's there asking if anyone needs help finding something. I had decided that if he asked me, I would be truthful, "yes, my husband" but guess what? He never asked me. So I walk through the store several times, always going back to where we first separated. Nothing. I am thinking 'please, don't tell me he's left the store entirely!' because really, finding him in this one store is a daunting task enough. More bald heads bling-blinging at me, none are Gary. Finally after an hour (or maybe it was 10 minutes) I find him- you guessed it, right where we last departed. He went there to find me. When I asked him where he went, he said, "I was just right there," being only the next section over.

I am so happy for little JT getting that slide. I knew Santa would pull through!!

How did your little party go with the girls and their mom's? I wish so bad that you could come to our Christmas Eve party. We've been talking about our talents, but I am trying to not get too excited. This is the point that my kids are brave, but when the part arrives, they tend to chicken out. Mom's been asking for forever for Gary and I to sing You Are My Sunshine, which was our first talent together as a married couple. (or ever) I am afraid that it's been so long that she's worked it up in her mind that it was great. And it wasn't. So I am sure she will be disappointed. Besides, we've been there done that. I want to do something new. Gary has something in mind for himself and we've talked about doing something together but it hasn't been working out. If you were coming, what do you think you would do for your talent? Can you still fit little JT's fist in your mouth? :)

I still haven't made my neighbor treats (but I have received some delicious ones) or planned out the food for Christmas Eve. And today is the last day of school. It's wise to have these things done while the kids are in school but I have never been good at wisdomly things.

I hope to hear from you soon.

I am missing you for Christmas Eve already.


P.S. the girls were professing their love for Christmas the other day and one said, "I love Christmas so much, I wish there were two Christmases in a year" and Zoe said, "There is, there is Christmas Eve." How true is that?!?


  1. excuse me! i didn't SAY you have to sing THAT SONG...any song would be nice. and i remember the first time very clearly. it was sweet (but not professional)-- something a mother would love.
    so...i was thinking about doing "edith anne", but i guess i'd better not since i already did that before (never mind that there's a whole generation that never saw it!)
    OK...i'll get down off my soapbox now {o:

  2. Mother! Don't fuss at me! That was a letter between Ani and I! I KNEW you were snooping!

    Everytime you mention singing you mention THAT SONG. And I don't care if you do Edith Anne all day long. You make your own rules, mine is just to not repeat.