Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

It had been so long since I've heard from you that I started to worry that you had become a casualty of the crazy Christmas shopping. It was such a relief to get your letter and to know that you are alive and well.

What on earth did we do before cell phones? I ask myself that a lot. Every time Jud and I get separated in a store it seems like one or both of us don't have our cell phones and we spend a long time looking for each other.

I do believe my mother-daughter Christmas party was a success. One mother wrote to me yesterday thanking me for it and letting me know that they had a good time. I'm glad it went well but it was one of those things I was glad to have over. I felt so stressed out, and it wasn't even that big of an event!

It looks like Santa will be visiting us early. Since we will be in Utah for Christmas and won't want to travel home with Santa's gifts he will be coming either tonight or tomorrow night. That way we can have a Christmas morning together, instead of a Christmas evening which we originally planned. A Christmas morning would be much better. And since there is a whooooole lot of snow headed our way, we'll be having a white Christmas. It's been years and years....and years since I've had a white Christmas!!

If I were coming for Christmas, and were able to attend your annual Christmas Eve party, I would probably do a dance for my talent. I've been inspired lately by dance, and I think I could do it!

When I talked to you earlier today you mentioned the death of your family guinea pig, Skip. At the time, your girls still weren't aware. Surely they must know by now, and you must tell me how the handled the terrible news. I do hope they are OK!!

My goodness, it is after 1 and I have yet to have had lunch! I must be going. Merry Christmas weekend!



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