Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dearest Ani Lu,

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Do you feel the Holiday excitement in the air? Has it consumed you? It sure has me! Even though today it's about getting my house ready to leave it for a few days (cleaning) and baking (yay!) which means getting my kids to clean (booooo!), I feel it. I feel the Holiday love. I am sure my children will too...... just as soon as they get their lazy bums out of bed.

I am so sorry to of missed your important call yesterday morning. I was with Nolan and Rae at the oral surgeon (who is stinkin' hot, by the way, bulging biceps and all. Pulchritudinous!) letting them discover that Santa will be bringing them wisdom teeth removal this year. Isn't that the neatest? So special.

Did you get a hold of anyone for your cooking help? I can't wait to hear how it came out. It sounds like your husband is like mine, with eating anything. Gary is the exact same way, thank goodness! I've heard of picky husbands who won't eat left overs or won't eat a casserole, and I can't imagine it. Granted, when we go out to eat one of my favorites is Italian food, and Gary doesn't feel quite the same. But he'll still go for me and not complain. Much. He eats it though.

Poor little JT. Can you imagine him writing a letter to a baby cousin saying, "Every time I try to find something to do my momma says NO! I just want a little fun! But I go here and "No!" and there "No!", I just have nothing to do!"

Michelle and I did go to the historic part of Savannah but I kind of wish we had went to the other part. But it was still fun. Time with friends is fun, no matter where. Well, except maybe the oral surgeons, finding out the wisdom teeth are coming out during Christmas break.

Today I bake. I am making Pumpkin Angel Food Cake with Creamy Ginger Filling and I decided to give your Cranberry Nut Cake (is that the name of it?) another try. Except this time I am going to sweeten the cranberries first, and see how that goes. There is a muffin mix that has sweetened cranberries and a little orange that I adore, so I am thinking that will make all the difference for me. My family loved the cake though. But it was funny, Zoe kept asking for some and I was thinking, 'wow, and she is so picky about fruit in food and yet she likes this!' but later when cleaning the kitchen I found her plate dotted with cranberries. What work that must be, picking your food apart like such, but she's not my only child who does that. (Nolan) So silly.

Oh, and I am also making deviled eggs and possibly dinner rolls.

I plan to (hope to!) get together with mom and the sisters for a movie this weekend. It sounds like Gary will be off doing a lot of hunting. He talked of making a potato gun (??) but as far as I know, he hasn't worked on it yet. I hope you have fun plans yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Give the family hugs for me.


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