Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

I tried calling you this morning. I had a cooking question that I needed an answer to right away. Why is it that every time I call you and really need to speak to you, you are unavailable? At any rate, I am making beef stew for dinner today in the slow cooker. I've never made beef stew, so my fingers are crossed that it will be good. It's supposed to cook for at least 10 hours, and it took me so long to get everything ready that it may not get to cook for as long as it's supposed to. But the good thing about my husband is that he will eat pretty much anything that's put in front of him, so even if it isn't that good, he'll still eat it.

Jud's brother arrived yesterday evening. He'll be here for the remainder of the week. We haven't figured out what all we will do while he is here. He would like to go to the National Cathedral and the Holocaust museum. I'm not sure if we will do that today or tomorrow while Jud is working, or if we will do it later this week when Jud can go with us.

Little JT has been in quite a mood the past few days! It's hard to believe that a 14 month old can do things he knows will push my buttons for the pure joy of pushing my buttons. But he surely does! He will do something he knows he shouldn't and I'll say "No!" and move him, and he will go right to something else he shouldn't, and I'll say "No!" again. And this process continues on and on and he moves around doing everything he knows he shouldn't. I do wonder some days how I will survive motherhood! But I know trillions and trillions of women have survived it, so I can too!

My date with Jud Friday evening was quite splendid! We did the ever typical dinner and a movie! We had Thai food for dinner, which is one of my favorites, and one of Jud's least favorites. We then got some cupcakes and then went on to the movie. I have been craving another cupcake ever since.

I hope you had fun in Savannah yesterday. Whether in the old part or the new part (although I do prefer the old part myself!)


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