Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear Ani,

I understand your love for Thanksgiving, I really do, after all it's my favorite Holiday. I love it more than Christmas, believe it or not. But when you have 5 children, one month is just not enough time to prepare for such a festive Holiday. I will not ever overlook Thanksgiving, I would never put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but I must start thinking of the shopping or I would be in a mess come December. Speaking of which- I have now also purchased Zoe's gift that she will love but doesn't know she wants. We've gotten her a rock tumbler!

How very wise, to lock in a babysitter for every Friday! I wish I could have and would have done that when I had a little one. How nice. Now I need all the details of your date! My family had a family date on Saturday. We went to the historic part of Savannah. It was great fun. Zoe now wants to move there. I think she has her momma in her. She would love to be in the midst of it all, and I feel the same. Of course because I do, I had to marry a small town boy with dreams of living out in the country. Isn't that how it goes?

I am so glad little JT misses me!! I miss him. He's such a fun little nephew and he's at one of the most entertaining stages in life. Can I say enough, how much I wish he was growing up closer to his Aunt Lorinda?

Today I have a friend coming over, Michelle. Ed's wife. Do you remember them? She is coming to visit for the day and we will be going into Savannah. I just haven't decided if we should go into historic Savannah or the shopping part with the malls. She's never been to Savannah, so historic seems just right. But something is pulling me to the other side of town. It's that worry of getting lost. I know the mall side so much better. (I wonder why)

The children have school today and tomorrow and then we are off for Thanksgiving. I always want Thanksgiving (and other such Holidays) to hurry and come, forgetting that that means they will quickly be over and yet another will be passed. Life is tricky that way. And I don't like it.

Well I need to get myself ready for a day in the town.

I can't wait to hear of your date and the latest JT happenings.

Love to you all,

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