Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

Worry not, I'm a little less funk-y today. Although this time change that occurred this weekend has put a different funk on me. Just when little JT and I were finally getting the perfect routine perfected, we had to go and "fall back" and now it's all messed up again. Which is why I'm writing you a letter at 8 o'clock in the morning. 8 o'clock is typically the time that I start considering getting out of bed. Not today. Little JT woke up a little after 7. I decided to wait it out so he can get used to being in his crib for the right amount of time again. That happened until he let out a blood curdling scream, and then began to cry. I'd never in his life heard him scream in such a manner. I was out of my bed in no time at all, and in his room. Where he was just sitting there nicely in his crib. I guess he figured out how to get me in there right quick!

But time change aside, we had a great Halloween weekend! We didn't take JT trick-or-treating though. I know, some would consider us bad parents for such a thing. But the thing is, Jud and I would have been the ones that ended up eating all the candy. And we don't need to eat all the candy. Trust me when I say that we eat plenty of junk as it is! JT still got to wear his costume on Friday and Saturday though. And everyone that saw him thought he was the cutest little chicken! The costume was a definite success. And since I got the costume last year after Halloween for only $5, I believe I'll have to do the same again this year. And even though he didn't get to go trick-or-treating, he did get to have his first lollipop! To say he was a fan would be an understatement!

I can't share your sentiments about the deer debacle that you are enduring with your husband. Seeing as how one of my most favorite animals in all the world is a cow, and I love to eat beef with all my heart, I just don't see where you are coming from. But every time I handle a whole chicken or turkey, I myself consider becoming a vegetarian. Or at least a fowlitarian.

And since I've brought up the topic of food, that reminds me that little JT and I need to eat breakfast. I do hope you have a fabulous day. I sent a picture of little JT. Oh, I mean, a chicken!



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