Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We are so much alike in so many ways, and yet the opposite in many ways. I, for one, love the time change. I even loved it when I had babies. To me it signals the change in the seasons, which I also love. The 'falling back' adds to my love of Fall. Another opposite, I can't wrap my head around loving an animal and loving it eat the animal. I don't understand finding something so special about an animal and then eating it. When you love that animal, you DON'T eat it. Eat the one's you love? Makes no sense to me. (have I made myself clear about loving and eating?)

Thanks for sending me Halloween pictures of JT. He sure looked cute! Our Halloween was great and typical of what we've done the past few years. We went to cousin Irene's retirement community to visit her and trick-or-treat in her area. There weren't as many senior citizens as last year, she said there was an attempted crime a few days ago that had everyone nervous. Then we went to a friends house, like we have done in years past. Our neighborhood all up and leaves for Halloween so nobody is home for us to stay in our area. I think it's the strangest (and saddest) thing. I don't understand it. But it is what it is.

I say put off the trick-or-treating as long as possible. Sure, it's fun the day of. But the days following, with candy everywhere, candy wrappers everywhere, no fun. It's just too much. Funny thing is Zoe came home from school yesterday and she has a bag FULL of candy, but she knew exactly what was missing and how much. Let me tell you, I was glad it wasn't me that got into her candy because she was one unhappy little one. I wouldn't want to have to explain myself to her.

Well I need to get to voting. I love practicing that right!


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