Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

I too have a best friend in my husband. I'm very lucky in that. However, I still need that womanly friendship where if I'm having a hard day I can call her up and we can go to lunch or I can just talk to her. I do that with Jud sometimes, but he's busy with work so he doesn't always have time to listen to me tell him how JT threw everything I tried to feed him on the floor and screamed his head off. Do you understand what I mean? I don't know. I just think there is something very special about having a few women you are close to. It's something I got used to having but have struggled with lately.

Enough about that. I have the most exciting news. Well, it probably isn't very exciting for you, but is most assuredly exciting for me. I'm going on a date tonight! Just Jud and me!! We haven't gone out alone since this summer. Can you believe that? We also have never left Judson with a young babysitter before. Just our parents. A couple of times I left JT during the day with a friend of mine, but only for an hour or two. I'm nervous about how it will go, but I'm far too exciting to focus on my worries. I asked Jud on the date, and then informed him that he would get to plan it. He told me last night where he will be taking me for dinner. It's an Italian restaurant that I haven't been too in a long time. I'm very excited about that. He's unsure about the plans for the second half of the date, but that's ok. It will be nice no matter what it is. Maybe I can convince him to take me to do some more shopping?

That reminds me. I went shopping the other day. I took my own advice and decided to get some retail therapy to get me out of my funk. However, JT was not in the mood. He used to be the perfect shopping companion. I would put him in his stroller and he would be content checking out his surroundings. But no more. He screamed and complained the entire time! I did buy a couple of cute sweaters though. I plan to wear one tonight on my date, and I think Jud will like it, and that will help me feel better. Which will help me succeed in what I was trying to accomplish with the shopping.

It's 9 o'clock in the morning. Is it too early to start getting ready for my date?

Have a great weekend!


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