Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Ani-

I am sending you a quick note to say I am sorry that I didn't call you back all weekend. (I wasn't intentionally ignoring you.) And to let you know I will write a more proper letter later. (I have a date to go get ready for.)

Before I go, what you described in your last letter as needing in a girlfriend is what I was saying I didn't need (or want) anymore. Gary will now due, even for that. I get that you feel the need to have it when your husband isn't available, I am at the point where it's worth it to wait until mine is available. You say find it special, and I find it especially aggravating (most of the time). Not that I don't have girlfriends anymore. It's just all changed, isn't an important in a very THERE sort of way. I think it's a combination of passed hurts but mostly I think it's my age.

I can't wait to hear about your date! And I can't wait to go on mine. So I am off to get kids to go so Gary and I may get on with the date.


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