Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Ani,

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week either. I am excited though! What are your Thanksgiving plans?

The weather has been beautiful here too. I have had windows open every day for a week or two now. Life is good when you can open your windows and be comfortable AND save on the electricity bill!

Boy do I ever remember those days of chasing after a little one in the hall, at church, for 3 hours straight and wondering what the point was of attending church at all. Do I ever remember! I remember swapping with Gary each hour, which you and Jud probably already do. And I remember 18 months not coming soon enough. And I do remember that before long there would be another baby but the break was still so very nice. Of course, when the new baby comes, it's a while before the baby starts to crawl (which is when it really gets hard, wouldn't you say?), so that extended the break. Certainly knowing that 'this too shall pass' helped. That motto helps with most everything.

Speaking of motto's, I told the children yesterday "why put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today", a friend of mine lives by that motto. Do you know what they came back with? Why do today what you can do tomorrow. I thought they might of had a point. :)

Want to hear some FANTASTIC news?! Rae has read The Book of Mormon, even she read it in 98 days! I am so pleased with her choices lately. She truly has become a Rae of Sunshine!! Coming unto Christ does that.

On a lighter note, do you remember those adorable little white bowls you gave me, that were shaped like a flower? I saw one for sale the other day- ONE for $8.

Plus, my Naomi came home a happy girl yesterday. She hasn't been given the break dancing part in the musical, but she realized as they practice that the 'shopping girl' role that she did get, gets to take a bow all by herself, and THAT is what she's wanted most of all. She reminds me so much of myself, loving to be on stage, loving the attention, but I'll tell you, it never EVER occurred to me to have the goal of taking a bow all by myself. She has me beat there.

I must be on my merry way.


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