Thursday, November 19, 2009


I believe you had told me already of your Thanksgiving plans, I must have forgotten. Jud's brother coming to visit all sounds familiar now. How fun and exciting!!I bet you all will have a great time. I am looking forward to the feast too! And oh yeah......and also to seeing family.

Good thing Jud didn't throw JT in the garbage. I love it!! How cute and funny. I love the elderly! I hope to be a piquant elderly person. I'll be very disappointed in myself if I am not.

Ani- I promise you, I haven't forgotten Thanksgiving, for it is my all-time favorite Holiday. But.... Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!! Last year I let it sneak up on me and this year I am determined to not let that happen again. Not that I've been shopping yet (save for one card game meant to stuff a stocking) but I've been scheming and pretty much have an idea of what I am getting everyone. I did have the children write to Santa, to give me an idea of what they want (and Nolan started his letter- Hey Fatty!) but I love the challenge of getting something they didn't know they wanted. Follow? So guess what I am getting Rae, that she didn't know she wanted, but that I KNOW she will love??? (I am SO excited!) I am getting her a framed picture of the Time Square Kiss. She loves the 40's and I just know in my heart she will love this gift. I have more than a month to see her reaction, but I can't wait to see her open that gift!

I also know of a Christmas gift that you would love, that you want and don't know it, but alas, I didn't draw your name in our Christmas gift giving drawing. Maybe I'll draw it one day. And maybe I'll remember my idea.

How is my little JT? Does he miss his Auntie Lorinda?

Much love,

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