Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh Ani-

I can't believe that you are still not well! How long has it been? Has JT been able to keep from getting sick... so far?

Living this close to family is great. But I must warn you, if you ever decide to move home, move to the area that Tamara, Elayna and Brian live. They get together quite often. I can't say the same for me. Sure, I see them more than you do, but they see each other a lot and I see them a little. Actually though, I should say if you move home to move close to me, then I wouldn't feel so left out and you and I could do all the fun things that the three of them do!

I am just fighting the giggles thinking about JT wearing a chicken costume! I do hope you share photo's!! And I think you SHOULD take pictures of him in his chicken costume in a barn! I am serious! I even think you will regret it if you don't!!! What can I do to talk you into doing that?

Naomi has decided to be a Witch of 2009, as in, it won't be typical, she will be an updated Witch. What exactly does that mean?? No really, what exactly does that mean? I am not sure, but I hope to figure it out soon. She has a Halloween Party tonight that we get to practice her costume on. Zoe was going to be a Vampiress, not that she wanted to really since she's been one that past 2 years. However she felt that was the only decent costume option. I bought her wings and a head band to make a Lady Bug outfit and she wasn't really feeling the idea until a friend yesterday offered to make her a tu-tu to go with the costume and now she's very excited about being a Lady Bug.

I have lost a costume box which is a part of our deciding issues. We have searched the attic over and there is no sign of true love, er, uh, I mean, the costume box. I have a sneaky suspicion that it's under the disguise of a Christmas box and I'll discover it in a month.

Well, I need to end this letter so that I may run to the store and buy tu-tu making material.

Much love always,

p.s. I can't imagine Jud fussin' about you coughing, but
I can imagine it the other way around.

p.s.s. There is an orange cat in my house.

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