Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

I will not start out this letter by telling you once again that I am still sick. Not because I'm not sick anymore, but because I'm sure you are tired of me starting out my letters saying I'm sick. So I just won't do it. I will refrain, for your sake.

I am so jealous that you had Mom, Tamara, and BenBen visit you yesterday. You are so lucky to live close enough to family that they can come visit for the day. I would give my right arm to have that. No wait, let's make it my left arm, since I'm right handed. I would give my left arm to live closer to family! I wish Jud were able to find a job somewhere in S.C. I'm crossing my fingers that he will, but not holding my breath!

I forgot to tell you what little JT will be for Halloween! Last year, after Halloween, I found a great costume for him for only $5. I've been waiting a year to put him in a chicken costume! He will be the cutest chicken I've ever seen! I will admit, there is a slight chance that a couple of weeks ago I put the costume on him to see how cute he would look because I just couldn't stand to wait any longer. I'm hoping that tomorrow I will feel up to it, and put him in his costume and take him outside for a little chicken photo session. I even thought of taking him to a barn to take some pictures, but that idea lasted for only seconds.

After I'd been indoors for an entire week, I decided yesterday I needed to get out. So I loaded little JT and myself in the car and we went for a drive. I had no destination in mind. It was a lovely drive. I ended up going down a country road that had the most beautiful farms and farm houses! There were two houses in particular that I fell in love with. I also came across a quaint little town that had the most beautiful old Victorian homes. I definitely want to go back to that town when I'm feeling better so I can do some more exploring. There was also a little house on the corner of one intersection in the middle of nowhere that had birdhouses for sale. I saw a sign in front that said "Make checks payable to...". It left me to believe that this person trusted anyone to come and pick out their birdhouses and leave a check for the correct amount in a little box. How amazing is that? It's too bad you aren't closer so you could go on these fun drives with me!

Little JT is napping, and I feel like I should take advantage of this time to nap myself. I didn't have a very restful nights sleep. I won't go into details but Jud threw me out of the bedroom due to my coughing, and I had to sleep on the couch. He yelled and fussed and yelled and fussed because I was keeping him up. Hah! Could you even imagine Jud yelling and fussing?


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