Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello my dear little baby sister!

This letter is coming from an almost 90 degree Georgia! You have your little JT wearing outerwear and my kids are still in shorts. I am tickled it's Autumn, and having it be so gives me the right and privilege to make pumpkin cookies, I know. And that is what is most important, I know that too. But I want it to feel like Autumn! It did for a day or two but I desperately want more. (more! more! more!) Yet the weather predictions shows more 90's tomorrow and the next day. My hang up with planting 'blubs' right now is that it makes me think of Spring and then it's Summer (and it already feels like Summer as it is) and I don't want Summer, I want my Autumn!! How ridiculous it is that I live in Georgia with such passionate ideas of Autumn and what it should entail.

On this Autumny note- I canned some vanilla Pears yesterday. The pears came from Gary's late grandmother's pear tree, which he picked while we were in South Carolina this past weekend. They aren't the prettiest pears on the outside, but they sure are delicious on the inside. My goodness, what a lesson I could teach with those pears and judging by appearance.

I love canning. It feels gratifying and industrious to can but it sure is a lot of work for just a dozen jars of food. It's worth it though, and all day my house had an aroma that no candle, not matter how fancy or expensive, can imitate. Do you imagine, if you lived here, that we'd do things like canning, together? It sure would be even more fun to have a canning partner.


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