Monday, October 12, 2009

Dearest Ani,

I haven't heard from you all for days, I expect (and hope) this means your weekend was full of adventure. I'll be waiting excitedly for your next letter, to learn of how things went.

Guess who is home with me? Well, there is Boo the cat, who is 2 feet from my 2 feet, laying on her back with her paws up under her chin. We call that her bunny look. And there is Wes, who is waiting for a call this morning to come in to his new job for training. (ring telephone, ring!) But I am referring to my little Zoe, who is home sick. She's been sick since yesterday morning. I believe it's sinus stuff. We are hoping she's better by Wednesday for her class field trip- something involving rocks and minerals which is her latest love. She will be able to buy rock jewelry and she has worked to earn a couple of dollars for that very purpose. Besides, her puppy dog eyes get even puppier when she's ill and my heart can't take it. So may she get well fast for that reason alone!

When I read your last letter and came to the part about Pumpkin Ale, it was like watching a horror film when you can see that scary guy creeping up behind the innocent soon-to-be victim of a woman. He's slowly approaching her with a weapon in his hand and she's cluelessly going about her business and you want to scream, "TURN AROUND!!" but she can't hear you because it's a movie and you can hear them but they can't hear you. So I am reading your letter and I am thinking, "IT'S BEER, DON'T BUY IT! READ THE LABEL!!!" but then it ends way better than the movies do and you figure it out, and it's weaponless so it's not a big deal, you can put it down and walk away, unlike the innocent woman in the flick. Ale by definition is beer. So I knew right from the start when reading your letter that you were considering beer. I don't know why Ginger Ale is called Ginger Ale when it's not actually an ale (a beer) but I do know the the original popularity of Ginger Ale came during our countries Prohibition when Ginger Ale was a mixer for alcoholic beverages. The soda version of Ginger Ale today is a little different from the version that was once used as a mixer that is uncommon at present.

That is 2 whole paragraphs spent on alcohol, one for each of us, and that's two too many for two Mormon sisters, wouldn't you say?

Do you know what I've discovered to be one of the cleverest things I've ever done? (and not purposely) Marry my good friends cousin. When I married Gary, I suddenly was cousins (through marriage) to one of my closest friends. And through that, our children are now cousins. Awesome, or what? So yesterday, Melanie (my now cousin, by marriage- remember her?) and her daughter and my mother in law (her aunt) came for a visit. We visited, we talked about the high school reunion we both missed this past weekend, we laughed, and guess what I got to share? Your Great Pumpkin Dessert! And the consensus was that your Great Pumpkin Dessert is GREAT! Thanks for sharing it.

I best go check on my sick little Zoe. And on Wes' phone that isn't ringing. I hope to hear from you soon.


p.s. I can't imagine us moving to Virginia.
However, Rae sure loved it when we visited
and still talks about moving there when she's
out of school.

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