Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

First of all, I'm so sad that poor little Zoe is sick. I can't even imagine seeing her already puppy dog eyes being even puppier. The thought alone is enough to break my heart. I do hope that she is doing better now!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the great pumpkin dessert! It always makes me nervous recommending recipes that I think are great. I would hate for someone to go through the effort of making it, and then be disappointed. Then they might think I'm crazy and not trust my judgement. Thank goodness it worked out in the positive this time!

I had such an enjoyable weekend. As you heard, we went to a pumpkin patch. It was just so much fun to take little JT and see his excitement with the whole place. They had farm animals there, and he LOVES animals, so that part was fun for him. He also enjoyed the actual pumpkin patch and playing with the big orange pumpkins! Going to a pumpkin patch is definitely something that I want to be a family tradition for us every October. I can't wait until next year when he can enjoy the experience even more! The funny thing was the feeling I had. Sometimes the fact that I'm a grown up with a family seems unreal to me. When we were there, the three of us together, and it felt like a fun family experience, it hit me--this is MY family! I just love it!

Also, as you heard, we had family pictures done. Having my picture taken is such an awkward experience sometimes. Having to sit all funny and putting a big cheesy grin on my face! The unfortunate thing was I waited until after we got home from picture taking to practice my smile in the mirror. I stood there smiling like I smiled for the pictures and thinking "No, I should have smiled like this" then doing a different smile. But what's done is done, and hopefully there will be a couple of cute pictures we can use. It was also an experience of "This is MY family! We are taking FAMILY pictures, because we ARE a family!" Telling you about these thoughts now makes me feel silly, but it is how I feel.

I've got an itch to go out and do something fun today but I don't know what. I just want to get out. Yesterday I stayed home in my pajamas all day because it was the first actual cold day of the season. I watched the movie "Wuthering Heights" that was made from Emily Bronte's book. I enjoy movies set in distant time periods that take me on a journey. What I don't enjoy is the incest that were in those stories. People who marry and/or fall in love with their first cousins just seems too strange for me. But back to what I was originally saying--after my day yesterday of being bundled up and watching a movie, I feel the need to get out today and do something fun. The problem is I just can't seem to figure out what it is I want to do.

I put JT down for his nap about an hour ago ago and for some reason he just isn't falling asleep. This could hinder me going out and doing something fun with him since he isn't a very happy boy when he doesn't take his naps the way he should. Such is the life of a 13 month old boy.


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