Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Ani,

I am so happy to hear your weekend was as great as I feel mine was. We spent most of our time in South Carolina at my mother in law's house where we watched Conference. Wasn't it amazing? When we weren't glued to the television set we were eating (I think we ate five hundred thousand calories this weekend), playing outside (the weather was just right) or celebrating Naomi's 11th birthday (I can't believe she is 11). You probably have heard because I can't stop telling the story, but I dropped Naomi's cake as she was blowing out the candles. If you can believe it (and I bet you can), this is not the first time I've dropped one of my children's birthday cakes. When Wes was turning 7 or 8, I made him a cake and after it cooled and I was preparing to frost it, I dropped it. Then I made him another and after it was decorated and I was bringing it to the table to put candles in it, I dropped it again. I couldn't believe it. So dropping birthday cakes is something I do well. (at least I am good at something) The funny thing about Naomi's cake though was that it landed right side up and still had one candle left burning that she got to blow out. All the kids were trying to help her see the bright side by saying, "At least you will always remember your 11th birthday." The funniest of it all was that Zoe recorded the whole incident, and we came home and watched it and the face I made while fumbling with the cake was just too funny. Embarrassing, but funny. We kept slowing it down and watching it over and over. I still haven't shown it to Gary. I don't know if I dare.

I would love the recipe to the dessert you made, if you would share! You know that you and I both are kindred spirits with our love of all things pumpkin!

How exciting that you've discovered planting bulbs. I've done my share of that but it's been a while. I think you may have inspired me to get some bulbs. (Do you know if you and I were having the conversation aloud and Gary was present, Gary would have to say blubs. As I typed it, I could hear him in my head say it. Blubs. He's so silly) Just yesterday when we were in South Carolina, Rae and Nolan went on a walk and found themselves at their Great Grandmother's empty house and she came back with this large rusty old kitchen spoon and showed us. Gary's mom told her that their Great Grandmother used that spoon for years to plants flowers. It was hanging outside on a nail just as it did for her all those years, an easy spot for her gardening utensil. I just love those sort of finds, and to look at an object and knowing she worked in her flower garden with that exact spoon so many years ago.

Gary and I are taking Zoe to the dentist today. She is so worked up and nervous about it. I hope things go well for her. I must admit, I am nervous for her too. As a matter of fact, her appointment was originally set for an earlier date but when I saw that Gary worked that day I changed it, because I wanted him to come with us so he could hold my hand while I hold her hand.

I hope you found some spooktacular Halloween decor. Do tell.


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