Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Ani,

I am happy to hear little JT is doing better but sad to hear that now you are ill. I hope it passes quickly. There is no time for mommy to be sick.

My weekend was busy and well worth it. To serve special needs adults that I know have a special place in heaven, felt like heaven. To rub shoulders with them is a privilege. The teenagers help them through the line to get their lunch, help feed them if they need to, and then walk them through the different booths at the carnival they set up. I admit, my eyes got misty a couple of times seeing the youth caring for these adults. Mostly what I witnessed was in the kitchen, as they came through the line. Some of the adults came through 3 and 4 times! It was funny. I wondered if the process of going through the line was fun, because I wouldn't imagine all the food being eaten. Seeing our guests so well cared for gave me hope. Hope for what the youth of today will do for us in the future, with their big and caring hearts. Near the end of the event I went to check out the festivities and was for one, shocked at how many people there were (I prepared food to feed all of those many bellies??) and I was tickled, as the youth gathered all of the adults to do the Hokie Pokie. They love doing the Hokie Pokie! Then the youth sang
I am a Child of God and boy howdy, you know how I think crying are for babies. Well, I had to fight my eyes, because they have a mind of their own sometimes and boy did they want to be infantile at that moment!

One funny thing that happened was we ran out of cheese (and what is a grilled cheese sandwich without cheese?) but it didn't add up. I did the shopping, I know how much cheese we had. Then I discovered that the men that stepped in to help grill sandwiches were using two slices per sandwich! No wonder they were such a hit! (and no wonder I liked them, because I don't usually like that type of sandwich) So a quick grocery store trip was in order and it all worked out just in the nick of time.

On a sad note, the man that Rae helped last year, who was such a delight and full of energy- calling himself Dr. Glen the firefighter and policeman.... he was very quiet and had lost quite a bit of weight. That was sad to see. We hope he was just having a quiet day and he'll be okay. Dr. Glen has a very special place in our hearts!

The children are home early from school today and Naomi and Zoe are in the next room looking at a book together. I am meeting with their teachers today. Naomi has been struggling with school this year which is a very first for her and I am none to pleased about it. It will be interesting to hear her teachers side of the story on what's going on. Zoe is doing her best yet and I am so happy.

I hope you get better soon and by the time this letter reaches you, that things are looking up.

Much love,

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