Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Dear Lorinda,

My heart grieves for your embarassment over the cinnamon roll deflation. That's certainly a catastrophe for which there is no immediate remedy! Inasmuch as your promise of home baked cinnamon rolls was a lovely enticement for your friend's attendance, I can imagine your consternation at the failure of such a time-proven recipe. After much consideration and ponderment (mostly because I can't find the recipe) I feel confident I have solved the conundrum.

After re-reading the progressive explanation of the process you followed, I noted that after the dough had successfully risen the first time, you dutifully punched it down, slathered and sprinkled, rolled and cut, and put your perfectly shaped and cinnamoned rolls in the pan. To this point, all was well. However, you THEN let them rise again (at room temperature), wrapped them and put them in the refridgerator. Therin lies the problem! After buttering, sprinkling, shaping and placing the rolls in the pan, they should be immediately covered with saran wrap and placed in the fridge to rest and slowly rise over night. When you pop them in a pre-heated oven the next day, they should finish rising to perfection and become light, fluffy, golden with a smell and taste devine!

I hope this tidbit of information answers your question and will help you in your next baking adventure and brunch preparations!

Sincerely yours with all my Love,
Your Mum

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