Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Lorinda,
I can't believe you had to ask if we should have crepes when I go down to visit. Did you not read my last letter? Did you not see that I said that you furnished my first crepe experience and bred in me a love for crepes that will never die?? Do you think that I would be crazy enough to deny your offer of crepes?? Of course not!! Please, let us have crepes!! I will even let you have a re-do with your cinnamon rolls, so that you can prove that you've still got what it takes. But I do indeed think that you jinxed yourself by not taking my advice. I do hope you learned from this experience!

Well, last weekend didn't turn out the way you had planned, and this weekend didn't turned out the way I had planned. Jud asked last night what I wanted to do today. He explained that the next few months would be busy at work for him, so we should do things today since he won't have a lot of time later. All night long I was thinking of fun things we could do today. Then he woke up this morning saying he could barely walk because he has a major pain in his back. (I know how he feels, people are often a major pain in my neck!) So for hours now he's been laying on the couch trying to heal. Maybe after he rests a bit he'll be better and we can do something fun. My fingers are crossed--figuratively speaking.

Now, back to something important. Our childhood. You and I were raised in two different generations of parenting by the same parents. Crazy huh? Here's the difference: you got home baked goods and Mom made your lunches, but they were very strict on you. I didn't get home baked good and Mom didn't make my lunches, but they were lenient with me and I got to do lots of fun stuff. Who do you suppose got the short end of the stick? Or do you suppose we were equally reared in different ways? I suppose we should both be grateful, since it's presumably why you have your love of the culinary arts, and I have my love of adventuring.

Speaking of adventures!!! I cannot believe one of our sweet little nephews is now 19 and will be going on a mission for our church to Zimbabwe!!! I absolutely think it's the most amazing thing. Of all the people I've known to go on missions or be called on missions, Kolton is the one I can see going some place like Zimbabwe! I am just so excited. I even cried when I saw a video of him reading his call.

I'm glad your brunch went well. And perhaps I will take your advice for my painting and try out one of those black craft pens. Let me know if you had more fun this weekend than it looks like I will be having. I sure hope you do!


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