Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Ani,

I am looking forward to hearing from you, especially about your weekend, so I hope you write to me soon. I am hoping your husband started feeling better and your little family was able to have some fun.

I wrote to mom and asked about my failed cinnamon rolls. She saw something that I missed and the mystery is solved. I am not sure I can make crepes and cinnamon rolls in this one trip, lest you want me in the kitchen our entire visit.

I do wish your husband would let you have a cat. The dearest kitten has found her way to my home and she desperately needs some love. I have no idea where she came from but a few days ago she was at my back door meowing to be let in and she truly seems to believe this is her home. She is orange striped with a fuzzy tail. Nolan said she looks half house cat and half lynx. She has a sore on her nose and is dirty and sad looking (I think she has ear mites!) but she's so sweet. I want to take her in and clean her up and love her but I do not want to take her in and clean her up and love her. Can't you convince your husband? Surely there must be a way! She would be the perfect cat for your family.

In reply to your comments about our separate childhoods, yes it's crazy and yes, it must explain a lot. I wonder if I'll do the same with my children? Maybe I don't have enough to make that difference though.

About our nephew- my eyes still get a tad dewy when I think of his mission call to Zimbabwe, even after a few days of finding out. Actually, as a mom to boys around the same age, I get emotional for Darla too. I know she's very well pleased with his decision to go. I hope with all my heart that I will know how it feels a year from now. It's my hearts desire.

Oh Ani, I had much more to write but my day, I do believe, has stolen a few hours from me. I hope to hear from you soon and I hope to hear good news about your weekend.

Much love,

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