Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

I don't have long but I wanted to write to you before things get too crazy. Because, are you ready for this? Tomorrow is JT's first birthday!! How did this happen? I tried! I tried my hardest to keep him a sweet itty bitty tiny baby. But against all of my efforts he kept growing. And growing, and growing....and growing. In fact, he was the size of a one year old at about 6 months! He has his one year appointment Thursday, so we'll see just how big he is now. Now that he's walking all over the place he's slimmed down a bit. But I swear he's heavier than ever!! My right arm is stronger than an ox.

It's hard to believe that this time tomorrow, last year, I experienced the worst pain of my life. And this year I get to bake a cake for the little fella. I've decided the birthday is more about me. I'm the one who gets to really devour the cake and eat the left overs of it for days to come. Happy birthday indeed!!

Other than JTs birthday celebration tomorrow, he doesn't have a whole lot going on. Aside from gearing up for our trip down in a couple weeks. He just gets to hang out with boring me all day long, so I know he's excited for some time with his Aunt Lorinda. He is walking all over the place now. And "talking" up a storm! I love listening to him. His new thing is to find something he thinks I need and bring it to me. I love every minute. Both the minutes he's playing, and the minutes he's sleeping.

No offense, but I swear atleast one of your children comes down with something every time you visit family. What do you suppose that is all about? Hopefully Naomi is getting better. There is nothing that I despise more than being sick over holidays and when we're supposed to be doing something fun!

I'm jealous that you can go visit family easily for the weekend. But let's all be honest, how much fun can you all really have with Darla and me not there? I'm willing to bet not a whole lot! I'm even willing to bet that you didn't stay up with the other sisters until 5:30 in the morning talking nonsense like you did with Darla and I last time! Which just proves my point that it's not very fun with out us. Just saying.

I can't believe your husband has rediscovered hunting! I'm very lucky that Jud has never discovered it, so there is no chance of him rediscovering it! And I will do my best to make sure he doesn't discover it in the first place.

Alright, I MUST be going. I've got a birthday cake to bake! Or to be more accurate, I have a birthday cake to construct while trying with all my might not to eat all of the batter.
Update me on Naomi, and the others. And I think you should tell Gary that every time he gets to go hunting, you get to go shopping. That'll teach him.


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