Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Ani,

Happy Birthday to little JT! Please give him a kiss for me. I prefer the tip of his nose. Oh, how I wish I was there to do it myself. Do you believe me now? I keep telling you that he'll be grown and gone in the blink of an eye and I believe that is where you tell me you blink all the time and he's still the same. But do you believe me now? Doesn't it seem like you blinked your eyes and he became a one year old? I think it's unbelievable.

I took Naomi to the doctor yesterday and she has tonsillitis. I expect her to start feeling better by tomorrow, with the medicine the doctor gave her. I know she is ready to feel better but I selfishly add that I am too. She is one of my hardest patients. She requires a lot of tender loving care when she is ill. Zoe has been so worried about Naomi. She asks about every medicine I give Naomi and watches the clock to remind me when it's time to give her more. I think I see a future nurse in her.

I am counting down the days until you and JT arrive for a visit. I can't believe I was just visiting with a few months ago and he was crawling and this visit he'll be walking. And talking? I mean, "talking"? How exciting. You might be glad that your husband can't make this visit with you, as it is hunting season and Gary may try to convert him!

You are right that my visit home this past weekend did not involve a 5:30 AM talking session. But none of us were staying the night at mom's house, or else we may have.

I am excited because I have friends coming over Friday for a brunch. You know how I adore hosting a party! I just haven't decided between homemade cinnamon rolls (mom's recipes) or crepes. What do you think? And you aren't allowed to say both! I will also have some fresh fruit and a more savory hearty dish that I haven't decided on yet. I do wish you could come. I wish you lived closer to home.

I can't wait to hear how JT's birthday cake turns out. Tell me everything, I want details.

Mucho Amore,

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