Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear Ani,

My house is quiet again! After this long Labor Day weekend filled with so much noise, all of the kids are in school. All except one.

Naomi is home sick. As a matter of fact, she's been sick all weekend, which I do believe added to the noise level. It at least added a lot of, "I'm bored!" Some wanted to go ahead with plans and leave Naomi behind, some had more of a heart. Either way, they were promised a fun-filled weekend and it didn't exactly happen.

I did get to spend Saturday evening with Mom, Dad, Tamara and her little one and Elayna. Of course, I can't visit some sisters without thinking of the sisters that are missing. I wish you were there. We had fun, we ate and we talked. And talked some more. At one point we were all in the family room chatting, while dad had a football game on. It came to a part where I needed to share a personal female kind of story, and I tried to tell it vaguely, in hopes that he wasn't paying us no mind. How wrapped up in a game do you think he gets?

All day Sunday we stayed at my mother in law's, I was secretly wondering if I should take the children home yet because Naomi was ill, or wait and see. We hung on to hope, because the next day promised more visiting time with the children's two aunts and their silly 2 year old cousin and Aunt Tamara's Chicken Fajitas. Needless to say, when Naomi awoke with more fever, everyone was grumbling. I know they felt bad for Naomi, but I think there was some feeling bad for themselves that outweighed it all. So I did decide to load of the children and head back home early, with promises of a Pizza Party and Games at home. We played Pictureka and Loaded Questions. One of the questions was 'Describe yourself in 3 words', Nolan wrote tripindicular, cowabungalicious, totally tubular. Rae knew right away that one was Nolan.

Oh, and where was Gary in all of this? He was out hunting. Hunting! I married a hunter because love is blind. Then he suddenly didn't hunt anymore, he told everyone that "I cured him." But here we sit, over 20 years later, and he is suddenly hunting again! What do you suppose that means?

How is your sweet chubby baby? Is he excited to come and visit Aunt Lorinda?

Love to you and yours,

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