Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Lorinda,

How great it is to be writing to you from Mom and Dad's living room.

If I were a shoe, I would be a fashionable high heel. I have always lived by the "fashion before comfort" motto. And I feel like I am a high heel. People who know me and are my friend are picking "fashion before comfort" in a sense. I'm not necessarily comfortable to be around, but people love me anyways because I look good. Does that not sound humble? Probably not. But people who know me know not to take me saying those kinds of things seriously. I just like to be silly. Perhaps I should choose to be a clown shoe instead because I look funny, make people laugh, and often trip over myself.

I want you to know that I most certainly can act like a bird acting like a desk. And I will most certainly look a fool. But that's what you have to understand Lorinda. That's the whole point of the exercise. Because in acting, sometimes you do look a fool, but you have to be confident with what your doing and stay in character. Even if people are laughing at you, and you want to laugh yourself.

I do believe that you need to come here to Mom and Dad's tomorrow after the kids are done with school, and then tomorrow night we can go to the Sweet Tomato. Except you should know that it's not called the Sweet Tomato, it's called Red Pepper. I think it's only fair that after I've made my long journey, you can come tomorrow and stay the night. If you do, I promise to perform the bird acting like a desk routine. Otherwise, I make absolutely no promises!

I must be going now. Little JT is napping, which means I need to hurry and get ready for the day while I still can. I hope to see you soon! Please come tomorrow instead of waiting until Saturday. I promise, I will make it fun!


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