Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Ani,

Ah. If you had told me which shoe you were first, I could have played along easier. If you are a fashionable high heel then I am a worn out old tennis shoe. What do you think?

I am not sure if I can make it to mother's and father's today. I will try. As a matter of fact, I have to keep this note short because I have so much to do to get ready, especially if I am going to make it up there this evening. I had always intended to come up today but the closer it got to the weekend the more problems with those plans came to the surface. Either way, I think if you were a true artist you would show your art whether I come today or tomorrow.

Much to do.

p.s. Where did I come up with Sweet Tomato?!
Probably because I think the tomato sauce is SO
sweet and delicious!

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