Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Ani,

This letter should find you in the comfort of mom and dad's home. I hope you and JT travel well!

I am at peace with your last letter and in discovering it's you who is the true actor, and not I. What's better is that you will be coming to visit today and when I see you, you can show me how a bird acts like it's a desk! If you don't mind, I will record it with my camera. I know that the teenagers who attempted it at the drama class so many years ago looked a fool, but I am sure you will not. I am just delighted to see you do it and do it right.

I know my house isn't exactly what they call baby proof anymore but I had guests at my brunch a week or so ago that had children your JT's age. They did fine and my home did fine. Besides you will have many more hands to help you help JT stay out of trouble. I say that is not something to worry about and you should just come and stay a day or two!

You and I were recently on the telephone when I was driving 40 miles per hour and a wasp floated right up to the front seat of the car. Did I scream in your ear? I can't remember. I am pretty terrified of bugs that sting. After I saw the wasp that one time, I never saw it again. I opened the door to let it out but I never saw it fly out. I was worried about getting in the vehicle without knowing for sure but I mustered up some courage and did it anyways.

Ani- you never told me if you were a shoe, what kind you would be. I am interested to hear.

Can you believe, the equal food fan that I am, I have never tried Indian food? Maybe you are superior to me there too. Or maybe I've never been aware of where an Indian restaurant is to try it. I do love food adventure too and pretty much try to stick to my food motto: Try everything once. Unless it's slimy.

Do you remember the Italian restaurant in the town that Elayna, Tamara and Brian live? Sweet Tomato, I believe it's called. I've been thinking of that place lately, I wish we could fit that into your visit here.

I am excited for the family dinner! To see everyone; to see all the wee one's playing together and to see what mother has in store for us. When we have a family dinner, it's not just about eating, it's like attending a ward activity. Rae is excited to see you and JT but she's struggling. Her friends are having a big get-together Saturday and this family dinner is really in her way. Gary and I talked about a way to make it work, she had ideas to make it work, but bottom line is, it's just not going to work, unless she misses it altogether. Luckily she's a chipper one for being 15 and she won't drag anyone down Saturday. Sometimes I just wish the world scheduled around my family.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday! Maybe you can preform the bird/desk act for us all!! I'll have my camera ready.

Much love,

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