Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Ani,

Why do visits seem so short? Why does time have to fly when you are having fun? Hardly seems right or fair.

I am so jealous that you got to visit Baby Burley IV. I hope to meet him soon. I was tickled when Burley III decided to have a IV and I admit I would have been upset if he didn't. What a wonderful thing! I hope to live to see a V and a VI and I reckon I am pushing my luck there, so there is not a chance of me seeing a VII, eh?

It's funny you mention that every time you all took pictures of Baby Burley IV that he jumped in his sleep due to the flash, because I came home and was looking at pictures I took of your (not so little) JT and in all the pictures, his eyebrows are crinkled with concern, or so it seems. I noticed that when you put a camera before him he gave big poses and grins, but I got crinkled eyebrows. Although I can't complain, I think he's just as cute either way. I am amazed at how much he's grown in just 2 months or so. He's going to be so much bigger the next time I see him.

It was great seeing you at the family dinner and again Monday morning. I wish you lived that close and we could do that more often. If you did, I could make you crepes (the sweet ones) more often. Can you imagine how that would be? For instance, today I am making peach butter, there is no way I wouldn't share such things if it were so easy to share.

How is the weather? This is the third cool morning in a row and you know how I love fall and cool weather!! Be still my heart! My windows are open and I feel a slight cool breeze as I write. I am purposely barefoot, others may bundle up but not I. I embrace a good chill. I wish I could bottle up the cool morning and let it help me through the hot muggy days that can be so paralyzing. I would take an injection of Fall. The things it could (and can) cure!

I am sure Jud loves having you home. He's the only reason we let you go back home.

Sophisticated Momma
(aka Lorinda)

P.S. Name that song.

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