Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sorry I haven't written in a bit. To be honest, I haven't been in the mood for chit chat and letters and such. I am trying to have a better attitude though so....

I am also trying to eat healthier. I read something not long ago that listed 8 foods that we should be sure to eat daily, and that's what I am focusing most on right now is being sure to consume these certain foods, maybe later I will omit other foods that I shouldn't be consuming- but that's not what it's about for me right now. Anyways, sweet potatoes were one of the things on the list. So last night I tried this Sweet Potato Hash that was in a magazine I recently got. It was so very oddly delicious.

I finally finished the Blind Side. I bet you thought I already had finished it. But I hadn't, I kept pausing and reading other books. It was just so.... nonfiction! haha! But near the end it got into Michael Oher's childhood more and it was SO sad but just amazing to read what he's overcome. Sometimes I think I have this thing called life way too easy.

I better go, I left my cell phone at my mother in laws, as you know, and I need to run and get it today.


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