Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Ani,

I sure did survive a night of camping and I, of course, had lots of fun. And ate way too much. There is something about camping that makes me hungry. I was actually discussing that with some friends that night. They thought the food tasted better, I think it's some caveman roots issue, like the inner caveman comes out because I am outdoors, so I feel I must eat as much as I can because I don't know when the next meal will be. Either way, my pants are even tighter which was so not necessary.

I am jealous of all of your antique shopping and buying. Luckyyyy. I still owe you money for the mantle! Eek! I keep forgetting to send it. If you had pay pal, I would have paid it by now. I wish I could slide my card through the keys of my keyboard and it would be done. WHY oh why is it sooooo hard to walk to my mailbox?? It's only 20 steps from my front door! Actually, that's not even my issue. It's the envelope. Do you have pay pal? :)

Pop tarts Ani? Really? I am disappointed.

So I am currently reading The Wedding by *cough* *cough* Nicholas Sparks. I don't know if you are familiar with it, but it's the book that came after The Notebook which I did not read but saw the movie. But in the book, Noah doesn't die in the end (didn't he in the movie?) so he's still alive and plays a supporting role. The story is about his grown daughter and her husband, told by the husband. But it's been fun to read more about Noah and Allie.

I best go.


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