Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday I consumed a million and one calories. I ate puffy Cheetos, I drank soda, I had lots of different kinds of chocolate. It was insane. I kept waiting for my body to scream no more but it never did, it just kept letting me, without the slightest ache in my belly. I didn't stop until guilt set in. It was crazy! I think I'm crazy! But today is a new day and I am determined to do better. So far I've only consumed water. But... it is only 8:30 AM.

Just an FYI- there is no need to read The Notebook before reading The Wedding. The book stands on it's own. But you never told me, did I remember right, that Noah died in the movie?

Today is the last day of school before Spring Break. The little girls have Easter Egg Hunts at the school today that they are pleading with me to attend. It's always after Spring Break that the kids start gearing up for Summer Break and fizzling out on homework and such. And I start fizzling myself, forgetting to sign papers and all, so I need to try not to do that this year.

This year Naomi ran for May Day Princess. I've complained to you in the past about how each class in the girl's school elect Princesses for their class. Well in 5th grade, the 5th grade girls can run for THE May Day Princesses. The biggest honour. And I don't know if you remember, but she's always been extremely sensitive about winning (well, losing) and many a tear have been shed over this (stupid) Princess thing. Well, she ran this year and didn't make it and she handled it all quite well. I could see the disappointment in her eye but she took it like a big girl and focused on how happy she was the a friend made it and she moved along with her day. I think she's growing up!

So when I mentioned expanding my Friday Pizza Night and Saturday Night Lunch to more assigned nights, I somehow expected you'd have some ideas and thoughts on that. Do you not?

Next weekend in Gramma and Grampa's Easter Egg Hunt. Maybe you should have saved your trip here for that! It's so much fun, the kids look forward to it every year. It's SO big, the hunt, that we don't even do an Easter Egg Hunt Sunday morning anymore. And really, the kids could go without candy in their basket come Easter morning because they'll still have a billion pieces of candy left over.

I better get along with my day. I hope your weekend is great and hug and kiss that baby for me!


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