Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dearest Ani Poo,

Thanks for your letter. I understand your struggle, so worry not. I wish I had the power to bring Christmas back, you guys included.

I have struggled the most with getting back in the routine of not staying up until 3 in the morning! No matter how early I get up and how much I fight a nap, come my normal 'school is on' bedtime my eyes won't close for anything. I am yawning as I write. It's been 4 nights in a row now and I think it's getting a bit ridiculous and I am getting mad. I just don't know who I am getting mad at.

Rae came home with the most exciting news. She's been asked by the Graphic Arts teacher to go to a state competition in Atlanta to compete in some Ad Design something-or-another. She is THE ONE asked to represent her school. I am so happy for her. I hope it all works out and that she may attend.

Today is the first day since school has started back up that I actually have the house to myself and nothing to do outside the home (with the exception of picking up a gallon of milk). I am excited to get some cleaning done (did I just say that???) and I have mound upon mound of laundry to do BUT my dryer is making the most horrendous highest pitched squeal in the world (the world!). I live for these days for the peace and quiet and instead it's about the worst noise I have ever heard. It is so loud, there is no place in the house I can go to get away from it. I think I'll have to take my time when I pick up the milk.

Has anything come of your visit home?? I think it would be an awesome birthday present to have you visit.

I must get away from this horrendous noise!


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