Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Ani,

Happy Holidays! I am sorry it's been a while since I have written. I am afraid my letters may slow down with the Holiday Season upon us. I am sure you are feeling the same. Are your Christmas decorations up? Gary is pretty adamant that Christmas decoration don't go up until December 1st, at least. Therefor I say they will go up today! (but do I really have to put up the pumpkins?) But here lies a problem. I am afraid of the attic. (falling out of the attic, to be specific) Gary is off huntin. And Wes is sleeping, and until decides he's ready to get up, one couldn't get him out of bed with a corkscrew.

My Thanksgiving was wonderful. More than that, my whole weekend was. I did not want it to end. I did not want to come home and face schedules and rules. I spent the whole weekend doing as I pleased, deciding things at the spur of the moment (we decided to take the children to the movies 10 minutes before the movie was to begin). I finished a book and started a new one; I finished the book while outside swinging. How romantic is that? I spent an evening with mother and Tamara and Elayna. We went to a movie that was a part 2. (We saw 1 and 2 together, I don't think we should see 3 together..... not if they complain about it when it's over like they did the first 2. There is no fun in listening to that!) But other than that, it was fun. But what would we have done if you were here after all, since these are movies that you refuse to see?

Naomi's concert is this Thursday. She is very excited. Her dress rehearsal is today after school and then that's it for practicing, next is the show.

I guess I must close this letter and start putting up pumpkins and preparing my house for the next Holiday. We always want these special days to come, but just as soon as they do, they are gone. Before we know it, we'll be discussing taking down our trees. Oh my, that's a somber thought... moving along... Have you shopped for little JT yet? Do tell!!

Love to all,

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