Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Ani,

Do you know one (out of a million) pet peeves of mine? People that go on and on about being busy. But guess what? I have been busy. Five is a big number in terms of Christmas shopping and I have felt this rush to hurry and get it done, to not drag it out, to have the task complete. Therefor while not being able to brag about keeping up on writing letters to you, I can brag about having 95% of my Christmas shopping done. *PHEW!*

Not only have I been shopping like a mad woman, but I've also managed to watch 3 of Naomi's chorus concerts. Remember? The one that she wanted to dance at, which caused many days of drama? And do you remember it turned out that most importantly she wanted her role in the concert to be so important that she got to take a bow all by herself? Guess what? She got to bow by herself and she got to dance! At the first performance the children that were suppose to rap to a song Fax the Facts didn't pull it off and so they teacher decided to have some children dance while the music was played and so Naomi got to dance. All the worrying and for nothing, and yet she didn't get her way in the way I would have expected.

She did great on her other parts too. She is a born entertainer, I am convinced of that.

All 4 of my Christmas trees are up and my Christmas decor is close to being complete. What a wonderful time of year. The next thing on my list is wrapping presents and making treats for neighbors. Oh, and I have a lovely idea for the annual Christmas Eve party that you will be missing this year. And what a bummer that is, because it's a contest and I have a feeling you would have spanked everyone if you were to be here to compete.

Take care my dear sister and write me soon about the happenings up north.

Much love,

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