Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Ani,

By the time I get this letter out, you may be gone. I hope you can dig yourselves out of the snow in Virginia to make your way to snowy Utah. I know that you don't like the snow but the pictures are beautiful and I have to say- I miss snow. I don't miss shoveling snow, or driving in it, but I miss the peacefulness in the air as snow falls, and I miss it for my kids. They sure loved playing in it when we lived in Utah.

Did your family enjoy their faux Christmas morning? (did it feel right to you? I am telling you, I can't fake that a day is a day that it's not)... (really....) Did you get any surprises from Jud?

Thanks for asking about the children since the loss of their guinea pig. They took it very hard when they found out but they seem to be doing better. However Zoe wanted to see the movie G Force (about guinea pigs) and when she watched it Naomi became busy in another room. I am not sure if it was the topic or not, since Naomi has been trying to move away from what she considers 'kiddie things'. But it was sad to tell them, especially since Naomi was so ill at the time. I hated adding a broken heart to her other ailments.

I am grateful for your bright idea on the telephone today. Thanks a million! Do you think my competition idea for Christmas Eve will be a hit? I am so glad you helped me figure out the details. I should have went over my menu idea for the evening while we were discussing the night, to see if I am forgetting anything. I think I am!

Have I told you that I have 4 Christmas trees this year? I love it. I am in Christmas tree heaven!! I love to turn all the lights off in the house except the Christmas lights, it just looks magical(ly delicious). Oops! :)

I hope you can write me from Utah, but I'll understand if you cannot. Have a safe trip and I'll keep you posted on what you are missing here.

Unless you don't want me to.

Much love,

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